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Eureka Magazine - June 2012 Issue

Just under two weeks ago, I had the brilliant Chris Clarke get in touch from Eureka Magazine to work on a series of spreads for this months issue.

The idea of the work was to show the spreads becoming increasingly more populated as time went on; Beginning with the cavemen, moving onto medieval times and ending up with the present day. So you if you follow some of the characters throughout the 6 pages you can see how they develop. For example you can see a caveman drawing on the cave walls who turns into a traditional medieval artist painting a portrait of a woman, which then ends up as a teenager graffitiing onto a wall in the present day.

Another example is the the palm tree turning into a maypole and ending up as a street lampost, and the star of the show is the caveman turned conductor. I found this concept really involving and it enabled me to add some of my own humour into the mix. Thumbs up to Chris for great art direction, layout and general all round niceness. 

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